First I would say that working with you has been a very positive experience. You gently guide with wonderful recommendations including next steps and actions to take and you provide references to books and spiritual references that help keep my goals in perspective.  I love your laugh and your sense of humor always gives me a lift.  Your guidance also gives me a nudge to stay on track and to keep moving forward to my actions and in my thinking. You give me permission to be a whole person with struggles and dreams. You listen closely. You look at things in the present and work toward uncovering what the future will hold. The past is the past. Working with you has been very freeing and motivating helping me to keep on keepin’ on!  Suzy Canter Kirsch, Leeds, MA

I am delighted to recommend your wonderful skills as a career coach. I know first-hand of your professionalism, your cutting edge skills in resumé writing, vitas, reading recommendations, goal-setting, use of time in the sessions, positive feedback, and effective responses to my requests. It is stunning how quickly you have moved me forward! Your wonderful skills as a musician (AAGO) add to the benefits.  Joyce S Kull, Councillor for Education, The American Guild of Organists, Arvada, CO

Cheryl Duerr presented an energetic and inspiring presentation for the American Guild of Organists chapter in Portland, Me. Her motivational talk left the members feeling like they could accomplish something worthwhile by studying for the exams. Cheryl needs to talk with our chapter more frequently. Her positive attitude is infectious, and her presentation is still remembered.   James Strand, South Portland, ME

Cheryl is a passionate, energetic, and highly professional musician and program manager with whom I have had the privilege of working for seven years. She brings her extraordinary gifts to bear with contagious enthusiasm in a wonderfully engaging and collaborative manner. With genuine care and concern she touches, enriches and improves the lives of the people in her orbits. Her musical talent is phenomenal and her leadership and management style and acumen are impressive. Cheryl is a gem!  Robert Bacon, MassachusettsWaterResourceAssociation, Lexington, MA

I hired Cheryl as a job/employment coach. I have been searching and applying for new jobs for over a year. Cheryl has a large “bag of tricks” when it comes to resumes, coverletters, interviews and job searching ideas, samples and suggestions. She is keenly knowledgable in this field and extremely computer savy. She is patient and supportive. She shows you the right tools so that you can begin to feel much more confident. Because of her coaching sessions I have had more successes with attracting employers and job interviews. She knows how to polish your raw materials and get you noticed. I am certain that because of her and her expert coaching, I will soon land the right job for me. I highly recommed her!   Ann Marie Speicher, Library Media Specialist and Library Literacy Specialist

I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Cheryl to design and present a number of workshop series, the latest, the very successful “Gifted and Called”. Her intelligence and results-oriented attitude and voracious learning style combine to make her one of the best problem solvers, and her passion makes her an incredibly gifted salesperson. She is a proven leader, and has a way of really getting things done – and done well! 

Cheryl has a depth of character I’ve rarely experienced. She engenders trust from peers, students and staff. These traits engage people readily and significant influence is a natural by-product. She is an extremely skilled interpersonal coach and problem solver and a very gifted teacher, blessed with an uncanny ability to connect in a special way with people ragardless of their station in life. She quickly sizes up a situation and is able to discern the best and most creative approach for each person or participant. She understands that motivation comes from within and is perhaps different for each student. 

Cheryl will be a real asset to any organization fortunate enough to land her! I’m convinced there is very little this woman cannot do if she sets her mind to it. I could not recommend her more highly. 

Jack L. Manes, Jr., President 
Performance Coaches