Cheryl Duerr is a dymanic and energizing speaker who has designed innovative workshops for music organizations, churches and Ghost Ranch retreat center.

Gifted and Called  – 5 or 6 Workshops (for churches)

Christians in our global community want to be ready to respond to the call of our gifts and fortified with the courage to follow our path!   You may see yourself as a “steward” of gifts you’ve been given to use in service to the world, but it is important to understand that the journey of discovering our gifts is an ongoing one.  Studies in neuro-plasticity tell us that we never lose the ability to develop gifts which maybe lying dormant, just waiting for us to connect their call with the needs of the world.

The workshops will help participants discover their gifts as well as how to connect them with their own individual ministry, with the church’s ministry, or perhaps even with a ministry in the larger world. Learn more about what your gifts are and the opportunities  to actually apply those gifts.  Build an environment of acceptance in which we can release our personal giftedness for the good of our church, our families, friends, and the world.